Welcome to our website of Kremenec guest house and restaurant

In the most picturesque region of Slovak nature, in the valley filled with beauty and emerald green, there is the easternmost village of Slovakia, Nová Sedlica, situated.

Location, cultural heritage, village life and natural monuments attract many visitors from Slovakia as well as from abroad. Foreign tourists have amazing opportunity to encounter Slovak culture and what usually sticks in their memory is hiking tour to Kremenec, the hill which literally symbolizes the neighbourhood of three countries – Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. Besides the Stužica primaeval Forrest boasting 300 years old giant trees became frequently visited destination.

Here, in a picturesque village in the heart of Bukovské hills our guest house was named after the hill Kremenec the local people are most proud about.

If you want to spend holidays in beautiful nature, breathe fresh air, drink crystal clean water, come and visit us, we guarantee holidays in the best comfort your body ever wished.