Nova Sedlica is the easternmost village of Slovakia. It is situated in Poloniny National Park, in Snina district.

Hiking around Nová Sedlica is attractive mainly because of beautiful and unspoilt nature. The Natural reservation Stužica (Stužica primeval forest) with Kremenec (1221 m.a.s.l.), the highest hill of the Bukovské hills, belongs to the cadastre of the village.

Another natural reservation near the village worth a visit is Riaba skala, the hill is connected with the village by an educational track.

Several villages in the neighbourhood of Nová Sedlica attract many visitors each year by historical wooden churches – they were built centuries ago and are easily found in Ruský Potok (18th C), Uličské Krivé (1718), Topoľa (1750) a Kalná Roztoka (18th C).